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RAFTI User Guide

Orbit Fab’s RAFTI refueling interface enables cooperative docking and on-orbit refueling, in addition to ground fueling prior to launch.
Orbit Fab's RAFTI refueling interface which looks like a metal octagon with two holes in the middle and two metal pipes extending out of the back

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Brand Assets

Orbit Fab Logos

The Orbit Fab logo consists of our O+F “Orb” icon that represents a fuel inlet, and our Orbit Fab wordmark. Please use the proper lockup for background color and context.
  • Orbit Fab logo
    Orbit Fab Horizontal Logo - Light Background, No Tagline
  • Orbit Fab logo
    Orbit Fab Horizontal Logo - Dark Background, No Tagline
  • Orbit Fab logo
    Orbit Fab Vertical Logo - Light Background, No Tagline
  • Orbit Fab logo
    Orbit Fab Vertical Logo - Dark Background, No Tagline

Brand Guidelines

Help us ensure consistent quality of the Orbit Fab brand by consulting our brand guidelines for an overview of logo usage, writing, and trademark rules.

Brand Colors

We are proud of our distinctive energetic color palette, starting with our royal Cosmic Purple to our vibrant Planetary Blue, supported by Lavender, Dark Blue, and Sunshine Yellow. We combine these bright colors with the reliable cleanliness of crisp white and grey backgrounds, communicating our vision for a bustling and sustainable space economy.
  • Cosmic Purple

    Pantone 3555C

  • Lavender

    Pantone 2453C

  • Planetary Blue

    Pantone 306C

  • Dark Blue

    Pantone 274C

  • Sunshine

    Pantone 1235C

  • Why purple? Aircraft carrier workers wear color-coded jerseys depending on their roles. Lovingly called “The Grapes”, purple is the color for the people who refuel aircraft. We continue their tradition for refueling spacecraft!