Stewarding innovations in space for Earth

Sustainability starts with unlimited fuel in space

  • Extraction
  • Processing
  • Storage
  • Distribution
Orbit Fab focused on midstream and downstream

How Refueling Helps


Sustainability improves when we stop using disposable, single-use satellites and de-orbit responsibly.


Refueling reduces the need to launch massive amounts of material off-Earth (like fuel to get to Mars) and provides the materials in space to allow manufacturing to move off-Earth.

Assuming Orbit Fab can enable 10% of power generation and manufacturing to move off-earth, we can curb C02 emission by 2.3 Gigatons per year.

Orbit Fab tanker on the moon

Fuel from the Moon

moon surface picture

Lunar propellant production significantly reduces the cost
 of refueling even in LEO, and enables us to live sustainably 
off-Earth without the dependance on Earth’s resources.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is the only high-impulse storable monopropellant and oxidizer that can be created from asteroid and lunar hydrocarbons (CO2 and water!)

These hydrocarbons can be obtained through Calcination of C-type asteroid regolith and are theorized to be mixed with water deposits on the lunar South Pole.
moon with location pointing to lunar south pole

Making Hydrogen Peroxide on the Moon and shipping it to Low Earth Orbit is:

  • money icon More economic
  • up arrow and crossed out icon Reduces unessesary launches from Earth
  • heart icon Conserves Earth resources

The process:

  • Mine icy regolith
  • Extract and purify the water
  • Convert in an electrochemical cell
    Image showing table of reactions. First CO2 reacts with H2O and creates C3H8 with byproduct of O2 and then a second reaction
    The chemical family derived from H2O/CO2 can also produce the Propane/Peroxide (bi)propellant, Oxygen for breathing, and Water for drinking, food, and propellant.
  • Store and distribute