About Us

Building the In-Space Propellant Supply Chain

Orbit Fab was founded in 2018 to eliminate the single-use spacecraft paradigm with in-space refueling. Spacecraft are still limited to the amount of fuel they are launched with, which limits flexibility and poses long-term risks to the space environment.

We resupplied water to the ISS, and launched the first commercial fuel depot into LEO. 
Our RAFTI refueling interface has become the industry-standard, and we have signed 
the first commercial and U.S. Government fuel delivery services deals.

A Bustling In-Space Economy Supporting Permanent Jobs in Space

Orbit Fab believes that spacecraft refueling is critical to a thriving and sustainable in-space economy, one that will benefit humanity for generations to come. We are committed to realizing this future in partnership with global industry, academia, and government.

  • Mission

    To build the in-space propellant supply chain
  • Commitment

    A sustainable space ecosystem that exists to benefit humanity
We’ve been busy

Solely Focused on In-Space Refueling Since 2018

Orbit Fab Origin

Two Entrepreneurs follow their Dreams

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Built by a
World Class Team

Our team is composed of talented, diverse individuals with decades of collective experience across aerospace and adjacent disciplines.

Our people-first culture is built on accountability, stewardship, velocity, and teamwork. And above all, we are builders, makers, and fabricators inventing the future.

Our Leadership Consists of Experts From Across the Space and Tech Industries

  • Daniel Faber
    15+ years of space technology and startup leadership. Most recently the CEO of Deep Space Industries.
    Daniel Faber CEO + Co-Founder
  • Shawn Hendricks
    Experienced Leader in $100M+ high technology production environment. Strong background in Program Management, Production, Systems Engineering and Integration and Test of multi-domain systems.
    Shawn Hendricks Chief Operating Officer
  • Adam Harris
    Space executive with startup, Air Force, NRO, Congressional and SpaceX experience. Led SpaceX BizDev team to successfully capture Air Force new entrant launch business and NASA commercial crew.
    Adam Harris Chief Commercial Officer
  • Kevin Smith
    Engineer with over a decade of deep experience in space products for Launch, LEO, GEO, and cislunar domains, with a particular focus in fluid systems. Previously Astrobotic and Moog.
    Kevin Smith Chief Engineer
  • Manny Shar
    Over a decade of cross-functional experience across international space, technology, and investing sectors. Previously Head of Analytics at Bryce Tech.
    Manny Shar UK/Europe Managing Director
  • Jerry McIntyre
    Attorney and business strategist with expertise in corporate law and government contracts. Holds an MBA from Chicago Booth and a JD from Northwestern University.
    Jerry McIntyre VP Legal
  • Arul Suresh
    Holds a Ph.D. from Stanford University in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in mechatronics and automation. Dr. Suresh also designed and flew the Gecko Perching Gripper payload to space on the ISS.
    Arul Suresh Principal Engineer
  • Ben Scott
    A proven leader in human spaceflight design engineering, program management, and business development. Experience developing, and executing go-to market strategy for aerospace hardware.
    Ben Scott Program Director
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