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Gas Stations in Space™
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More Delta-V
Anytime, Anywhere

Orbit Fab fuel shuttle docking to communications satellite
Orbit Fab fuel shuttle docking to communications satellite

In-Space Fuel Delivery

Our fuel shuttles deliver fuel directly to your RAFTI™-equipped spacecraft – anytime, any orbit, any spacecraft.
Hydrazine Delivery in GEO for 100kg. Available in 2025.

Make Your Spacecraft Refuelable

Equip your spacecraft with our RAFTI™ refueling interface so our fuel shuttles can cooperatively dock and refuel you.
Orbit Fab's RAFTI refueling interface which looks like a metal octagon with two holes on the flat face and two metal tubes extending out the back
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Orbit Fab fuel shuttle docking to a client spacecraft with an Orbit Fab fuel depot out of focus in the foreground

Augment Your Mission With Refueling

Our mission planning software,
UMPIRE, optimizes refueling
logistics to best serve and
augment your mission goals.

With your inputs, we explore
the benefits for you.

We Build Flight Proven Hardware

Creating the First Commercial Spacecraft Refueling Service