Orbit Fab Origin

Two Entrepreneurs follow their Dreams

Origin Story

It’s 2017.

Jeremy Schiel buys a one way ticket to California, joining serial entrepreneur Daniel Faber in a quaint innovator community at top a hill in Cupertino, “Rainbow Mansion”

Deep Space Industries (DSI), Daniel’s asteroid mining company was just acquired, so our Co-Founders got to workshoping three new business ideas: Space Fab, Space Arena, and Space Commodities Exchange.

Space Fab envisioned manufacturing indium phosphide semiconductor ingots in space. No go.

Space Arena envisioned the future of space sports. No go.

But out of the Commodities Exchange work came the idea of developing refueling services. Thus Orbit Fab was born.

The seed was thier DSI experience. The DSI thruster was cheap, but less fuel efficient. Customers either had to pay to launch more fuel, or pay for an expensive thruster. We realized refueling in orbit can overcome that!

The day our founders put on hold everything else was when they started talking to potential customers. Satellite owners told us that each kg of fuel would mean they could get >1M additional revenue!

We got to work prototyping! With out first intern, and now CTO James Builtitde.

First in a small office in Astro Digital’s building in Santa Clara. Then out of Bolt’s coworking space in San Francisco.

During the pandemic Bolt shut down their space, and we moved to a proper startup garage: Shotwell St. in the Mission. Our small team had grown to double digits!

When we’d outgrown the small garage in 2021 we tool the leap to a 16,000 sq ft facility in Colorado. Our mighty team grew to 50+